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Scott and Margo Reiner

We share a common belief that it is important to help who we can, when we can, and where we can with what we have been given. This is why we created The Reiner Foundation.


We both grew up witnessing the care our parents had for others through their various roles as a nurse, pastor, volunteer director, and physician. Their compassion for others left an impression that has, in some part, shaped the work we are doing today.


When we became parents ourselves, we decided to give our children experiences rather than just material things. For birthdays and graduations, we planned international family trips, encouraging our kids to help choose the destinations. Eventually, our travels led us to places where we met people who did not have access to the things we considered basic necessities, such as clean water, adequate nutrition, healthcare, education, and a means to earn a living wage. 


These experiences left an unexpected, indelible impression on all of us, and we began to wonder what it would look like if all people in all communities had the same basic opportunities we have had. We spent hours discussing what we would do if we knew what the greatest needs were, if we had someone with the expertise and experience to help us, and if we had the time. We felt as if a “still small voice” was telling us to DO something.


Eventually the pieces started to fall into place, and we began to turn our hours of discussion into action. Scott decided to leave his 36-year career in non-profit healthcare to be able to devote a considerable amount of time to our foundation. And we are blessed with two adult children, Rees and Ali, who are both dedicated to helping others and committed to working with us. They bring their experience and qualifications through advanced degrees in global health and communications. 


We don’t believe having the pieces fall into place was a coincidence, but rather the progression of listening to that still small voice. Over the years that voice has become louder, and it is now our calling. While we still have much listening, learning, and discovering to do, our mission of advancing community health and wellbeing starts now, through the creation of The Reiner Foundation.

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